DRG Oil provide various specialized services to the Marine, Shipping and Oil & Gas Industries.

Three main fields of activities are:

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Operation and Drilling Works

Engineering & Services

1) Upstream

Oil and gas exploration & development operations including:

Geology, Geophysics, Drilling, Reservoir Assessment, construction of the surface facilities and offshore modules.


2) Downstream

Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation (EPCI) for Oil & Gas Project


Fields of Activities:


included Rig Management                                                                                             

included Supply of qualified drilling rig personnel

included Supply of Offshore & Onshore Drilling Rigs & various kind of Vessels           

included Drilling Services

included Fabrication of offshore & onshore structures                                                 

included Pipeline Engineering

included EPD & EPC Contractor                                                                                     

included Management Contractor

included Sub Sea Pipeline & Cabling                                                                             

included Beach pulling & Shore pulling operation

included Offshore Dredging Services Procurement Services                                          

included Logistic Services

included Pipe laying services off & onshore                                                                  

included Health & Safety Environment Management

included QA/QC Supervision


Offshore & Onshore Drilling Services

included Well Head                                                                                                       

included Perforation

included Drilling Bit                                                                                                      

included H2S Services

included Drilling Fluid                                                                                                   

included Coiled Tubing

included Fishing & Rental Tools                                                                                    

included Under Balance Drilling

included Horizontal Directional Drilling                                                                        

included Coring

included Tubing                                                                                                            

included Cementing

included Well Testing                                                                                                    

included Mud Logging

included Casing Running                                                                                               

included Well Stimulation

included Wire line logging


Logistic Services:

included Handling all sea ports matters such as obtaining entry & exiting permits within Kish Island port & other Iranian Port

included Providing the merchandise transportation services between ports & logistics to Oil and Gas rigs

included Coordinating to obtain fuel and water for the vessels, oil and gas rigs in the shortest period of time

included Transferring engineers, technicians, crew members & handling theirs immigration formalities

included Construction of  heli-pads & living accommodation on oil rigs